Throughout the year, the University Sports and Physical Activities Service (SUAPS) organises opportunities to participate and to be trained in a variety of sports and physical activities for the benefit of all university students. Each of the university’s campuses is served by SUAPS which organises successful annual events at appropriate moments in the calendar which are generating greater numbers of participants year on year. SUAPS encourages the better performers to play their part in university competitions and is at pains to support its high level sportsmen and women.


Physical Activities and Sports

SUAPS is responsible for promoting physical and sporting activities by offering the widest range of opportunities possible. It takes particular care to ensure that these are accessible to all no matter what the level of students or staff : beginner, improver, competitor…

In terms of pedagogic matters, SUAC recognises and practically supports the integration of physical activities and sports within UHA’s different academic programmes : marks awarded for such activities and sports are counted towards UHA academic qualifications.

In addition to the above, there are also sporting disciplines that can be practiced by open access and non-assessed courses such that students, lecturers and administrative staff can all participate, subject to the number of places available.


High-level Sport

Students at UHA who are high-level sportsmen/women benefit from a special status accorded to them by the UHA which supports them in their endeavour to move ahead on two fronts : the sporting and the educational. Such students benefit from various means of support : extension of study duration, a tailored teaching schedule, exams adapted to personal sporting circumstances etc.


Sporting events

Numerous sports days or evenings are organised for university students and staff to enable all to meet up and enjoy themselves. Such events are many and varied, running from the Duathlon (UHA’s largest university sporting community event), via multiple sports events and cross-country to dance evenings.


University Competitions

In addition, the UHA Sports Service also supports its students in inter-university competitions.