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Information and orientation

The SIO / BAIPS (the information and orientation service and the employment and placement service) together comprise a team of professionals who assist students with queries relating to information, orientation and employment.

Those responsible for orientation and employability are specialists in French higher education programmes. They advise and support students and future students in their choice of studies in France, notably at the UHA. Together with the student they seek the best option according to the student’s motivations, background, abilities and wishes.

During their studies at UHA, students can come and see such staff to reflect upon their professional direction. In so doing, they can benefit from a methodical approach and tools and, of course, a wealth of appropriate documentation. This can provide the opportunity to discover new employment opportunities and to enlarge the vision of what is possible as a future career.

Being well aware of student needs, the team can also support course delivery through thematic workshops relating to student employment objectives and helping with research approaches to securing employment or a placement/internship.

The SIO / BAIPS is also involved in significant regional events and occasions (the Careers and Education Fair in Mulhouse, the Alsace Education and Employment Fair in Colmar, the Universities’ Open Day and Franco-German Forum in Strasbourg), and, of course, UHA’s Open Days.

In addition to publicising the education and training offers of the university, the service offers the opportunity for students and those in employment to meet each other. This is reinforced by visits to the university by representatives of many professions, recruiters and recruitment fairs and the (re)-visits of university alumni demonstrating to current students their career pathways and how they succeeded in developing their careers.