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The international policy of the Université de Haute-Alsace is developed jointly with its research teams, laboratories and the teaching teams involved and engaged in collaborative partnership activities at the international level. Today the UHA is positioning itself in the international world having signed more than 300 conventions and international agreements with its partners on 5 continents.

Intercultural themes, calls for research projects, Interreg projects and those shared with Eucor – The European Campus... Given its advantageous geographical location, UHA focuses its research upon the cross-border, the intercultural and the international.


Research taking place within Eucor – The European Campus.

In the very heart of Europe – here at the European Campus research is undertaken and monitored before moving outside the bounds of the universities.

Thanks to its status as a European Territorial Cooperation Group (Groupement européen de coopération territoriale - GECT), Eucor – The European Campus has enormous opportunities to develop its research within the network. Notably, it has obtained Interreg VA funding having received the go-ahead to develop several significant projects led by the 5 member universities : « Eucor – The European Campus : cross-border structures », « The Upper Rhine Cluster for Sustainability Research » and « SERIOR – Graduate Academy ».

The NovaTris Centre for Cross-border Capability represents the UHA in its projects and coordinates the university’s researchers who are involved in cross-border issues and operations. The objective is to develop cross-border research projects in various domains (security, risk management, sustainability, etc.) and to employ cultural differences as a lever to innovation and creativity at the heart of multicultural research and teaching teams.


NovaTris Research.

NovaTris, the UHA’s Centre for Cross-border Capability, bases its training programmes and intercultural modules upon research drawn from cross-border regions and intercultural capability.

In addition, NovaTris supports and assists research projects concerning cross-border and intercultural matters and innovative university learning and teaching approaches as distinctive research objectives. To this end, the Centre for Cross-border Capability backs projects, particularly via reponding regularly to calls for research applications. Such endeavours fall principally under the heading « interculturality.s : Humanities, Society, the Sustainable Economy » as adopted by UHA.

For further information concerning NovaTris research project backing and its partners, contact : novatris @ uha.fr