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International education

A thousand students of all nationalities are enrolled each year at UHA representing more than one hundred partner universities worldwide.


Cross-border advantages.

Located, as it is, in the heart of the Upper Rhine region, the UHA encourages local mobility and supports an inter-cultural approach. This geographical situation sees UHA on Basel’s doorstep with all its economic and cultural activities. It also enables considerable student mobility flexibility.


Study as part of Eucor – The European Campus.

Within the scope of 80 kms, Eucor, The European Campus, brings together 5 universities to create a premier class vehicle for intellectual exchange. Eucor – The European Campus, enables each and every enrolled student or PhD student of one of the university members to take courses and validate them (at any other of the member universities) as part of their own programme or to participate in research work.



NovaTris is UHA’s Centre for cross-border competence & capability. It offers both training and intercultural education programmes employing innovative teaching and learning methods and inter-cultural support to participants. In addition, NovaTris provides advice and assistance in the creation of cross-border training initiatives, intercultural modules and even innovative learning and teaching projects. These opportunities are available to all : students, teaching & administrative staff and to those outside the university, enabling each person to develop or hone key competences which will support smooth evolution in an intercultural cross-border environment (knowing how to communicate in an intercultural context, to work in multi-cultural groups, and know how to predict and manage conflict…).